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The song, “St. James Infirmary” has a significant cult following around the globe. Enthusiasts for this song, music of the era, and information about them, live in Europe, Australia, and throughout North America.

Harwood's book contains groundbreaking material based on original research that is as rigorous as it is enthusiastic. There are untold numbers of people “out there” who would be keen to read this story of the song and it's times.

The contents of this site are available here in the form of PDF documents and higher resolution jpgs suitable for press. Access author information; book information; and praise for the book so far.

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Harwood’s blog for I Went Down to St. James Infirmary, is an excellent resource for familiarizing yourself with the discussion around SJI (St. James Infirmary). Updated regularly.

Also, nonotes, Rob Walker’s site devoted to "St. James Infirmary" includes a several part interview with Robert Harwood on the subject of this book.


Read the review printed in the Spring issue of Penguin Eggs Canada’s folk, roots, and world music magazine.

Read the review printed in the K-W Record and Guelph Mercury.

Read Andrew Lawrence of Community Guitar Resources on the song and the book.

If you aren't familiar with the range of covers for the song, YouTube hosts a variety of live performances of “St. James Infirmary,” including Cab Calloway, Koko the Clown, and Louis Armstrong ... together with many home-spun versions. The blog continues to explore new variations, complete with links to audio or video recordings.

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